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Bendigo 2011 Round 4 of the Victorian State Championship
Date : 01st September 2011 Comments : 0 Author : Octane Alley Category : Octane Alley

Bendigo - 2011 Round 4 of the Victorian State Championship

The Golden City of Central Victoria was once again the venue for the 4th round of the Victorian State Championship. The track at Bendigo is one you either love or hate. It’s a tight, twisty, non forgiving track that rewards good concentration skill and focus.  If you’re not good at these you may as well join Kenny the Koala in the trees…. mmmm Eucalyptus. 
It’s a 5.5 km track with more twists and turns than a snake’s belly.

A clay type surface that when dry, creates dust or when wet, is slippery, sloppy mud.

The format for the event had been changed this time around.  If you remember last year we had 2 sessions of x 10 laps and one of x 5 laps to finish off.

This year the banner ENDURO came out with 2 x 1.5 hour sessions and who ever completes the most laps wins…..  That means that based on last year’s times, we were looking at approximately 38-40 laps of the track. I’m thinking we would know our way around by then…..  mmmm some were saying “What corner comes after this one?”  I think they were the ones that didn’t like the track….

We prologued 7th outright which is not bad considering we are punting a 2.4 tonne Nissan Patrol between gum trees at up to 150 kmh. 
The other guys were in buggies, so punching above our weight comes to mind.

We kicked off the first session in fine form, winning the hole shot and making a gap on the other guys.  Time now to settle into a rhythm for the day.  Enduros are like that, keep it clean, smooth, fast and consistent. I know for a fact, the others were going to push hard for the first few laps, slow toward the middle and make mistakes towards the end of the session.

As luck would have it, we managed ourselves really well. I was able to keep the Patrol on the money, sliding the beast around like you would not believe. Good fun and entertaining for the crowd.  In terms of the placing we had worked our way into 5th position…
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The second session got underway and the track was drying up.  We pushed harder and harder into the session. The gearbox was jumping out of second gear and the engine was getting softer as we continued.

The second 1.5 hour session was getting longer and longer and I was growing more frustrated with the gearbox.
Holding it in second gear proved to be quite tricky, in and out of the tight forest sections.

The second session finished and we managed to pick up one more place, finishing 4th Outright and 1st in Class.  A good points haul for the Championship and a great push into the next and Final Round at Yea.